Platform Overview

Workflows: your step by step compliance tool

Move from one step to the next quickly, with the right documents and ready-to-follow processes at your disposal.

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Automated workflows for your business, that works!

From hiring employees and building your website to more, our Workflows help you undertake each process while meeting all your legal obligations and doing things the right way

Receive customized guidance

Our growing list of Workflows provides guidance on hiring employees, setting up a website, recovering a debt, hiring a contractor, and more, based on your business goal.

Right documents for your need

No more wasting time going through documents that don’t make sense. Receive tailored recommendations and know what legal documents you need to complete your goal, quickly.

Know the steps you need

Don’t know which step to take? We’ve got your back. We determine your specific requirements and provide step- by-step instructions. Tick off each task as you progress through the workflow to complete and stay compliant.

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How it works


Complete the questionnaire so we can determine your requirements.


Review your tailored step by step process – know which legal documents you need and the steps you need to take to be compliant.


Tick off each task as you progress through the Workflow to complete your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Workflows are available for free to all users within their Lawpath accounts.
Yes. While our Workflows are intended to help you streamline your processes, they are not a substitute for legal advice.
Yes. Your Workflow will automatically be saved so you can easily pick up from where you left off. You can also name your Workflows to give you a good reference point in the future.
You can still proceed to other tasks in your Workflows if you want to return at a later point in time. However, your Workflows will only be complete if you tick off all the steps.

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