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Step by step legal guides on intellectual property related topics

What are the most common examples of intellectual property? Read this article to find out so you can protect your intellectual property.
Copyright assignment allows you to transfer the rights of you intellectual property. Learn more about how this will affect you.
Claiming your intellectual property through IP ownership can protect your ideas. It is also capable of being sold though intellectual property assignment thereby making it a valuable asset to have.
Trademark owners may transfer the rights to use their trademark through licensing or full assignment. Find out more in this article.
Find out if you can protect your phrase from others.
'Fair use' can be an important defence to any intellectual property allegation. Read on to find out how fair use can apply to trademarks.
Artificial intelligence has become increasingly popular. So, let's go through what it is and how your business may implement the use of AI.
We all love a humorous parody. But is parody advertising a legal act? Our article outlines what laws you must be cautious of and more.
Australian Court makes landmark decision that AI systems can be inventors for the purposes of the Patents Act 1990 (Cth). Read more here.
You've heard of trademarks, but what is a composite trademark? Hint hint: you already know the popular ones! Read on and find out.
Has someone illegally used your trademark? Not sure what the difference is between passing off vs trademark infringement? Find out more here.
Has someone illegally used your registered trademark? Learn about what you need to prove to bring legal action for trademark infringement.
A 'wet signature' is a signature using pen and paper. Generally, eSignature can replace the wet signature. However, this is not always true.
Registering a design is a great way to own the exclusive rights to your design. Find out what to do and what not to do in obtaining a design.
There are a range of mistakes made when applying for a patent. This articles outlines these mistakes and discusses why they should be avoided.
Patent vs design? Both tools protect new ideas and products. Find out how they compliment each other and how they are different.
Understanding your legal rights regarding patent infringement is an important tool to enforce your patents protection. Read more here.
You may have wondered if you can patent a business method if it is unique and gives your business a competitive advantage. Find an answer in this guide.

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