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Step by step legal guides on wills and trusts

If you're interested in protecting your assets for your children, a descendant's trust is likely the best option. Our article breaks this down.
Do you want to learn how to remove a trustee from a trust? Read this article to find out how.
Have you ever wondered what the difference between guarantees and indemnities is? Read this article to find out.
Are companies excluded from being the beneficiaries of Wills?
A trust itself cannot own shares in a company, however a trustee can hold them on behalf of someone else. Find out more here.
A power of attorney makes financial decisions on another person's behalf. Find out the difference between a general and enduring one here.
Having a valid Will is important if you want your wishes to be known after death. Find out what you need to make a Will here.
Discretionary trusts give a trustee discretion when distributing trust property. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of a discretionary trust here.
Social media has infiltrated every sector of our lives. Here we outline what can happen to your social media profiles after death.
Need to have a statutory declaration witnessed and unsure how? Read here about who can witness your statement according to the law.
A divorce shouldn’t mean the end of your small business, but your business might still be at risk. Find out how to protect it here.
You can challenge a Will if it fails to make an adequate provision for someone close to the deceased. Learn how to make a claim here.
A Will is an important legal document that communicates wishes to your estate. Learn how to make your will here.
Binding Financial Agreements (BFAs) can be hard to navigate at any point in your relationship. Find out what property you can include here.
Have you been left out of a will? Find out who can make a claim to a deceased person's estate in this article.
Raising a pet means taking care of them during and after your lifetime. Find out if and how you can include your pet in your will.
New laws are being proposed about what happens to your digital assets and records after you die. Find out the latest here.
Recently established a discretionary trust? Find out what to do after completing your discretionary trust deed here.

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