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Although it is technically legal to drive with a broken arm, this may vary depending on your circumstances. Find out more here.
As a general rule, signing on someone else's behalf is legal so long as you are authorised to sign for them. Find out more here.
Do you have a caveat lodged against your land? If you're wondering how long does a caveat last, read this article.
Want to keep your business information confidential when working with overseas parties? This article explains how to enforce an overseas NDA.
Long service leave entitlements vary depending on which state you work in. Learn more about entitlements to long service leave (NSW) here.
Have you been at your job for a long time and are interested in taking some time off? Here's what you need to know about long service leave in Victoria.
Interested in taking some extended time off work? Read this article to find out how long service leave entitlements work.
Long Service Leave (LSL) entitlements vary amongst Australian States and Territories. Find out how it works in the Northern Territory here.
Have you ever asked yourself - can a deed be signed electronically by an individual? Well, if you have then this post will cover everything you need to know.
Do you need to know what's the diference between discharged and undischarged bankrupt? Read our guide to find out more and how it will affect you.
What is a next of kin in Australia? Read this article to find out who they are and their responsibilities.
Resigning during probation might seem like a simple process. However, there’s more to it.
Tempted to open someone else's mail? Mail tampering is a Federal crime that carries penalties. Find out more in our post.
Have you committed a traffic offence in NSW? Here are tips for contesting a fine.
Libel and slander, though legal terms still commonly used in Australia, don't actually exist in Australian law. Read more about it here.
Does a verbal agreement have the same legal force as a written agreement? Get the answers you've been searching for in our guide.
Read on to find out whether your signed mediation agreement is actually legally binding and enforceable.
Planning on transferring property to someone as a gift or for no cost? You may want a gift deed. Read on to find out how gift deeds work.

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