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Having a venue hire contract template ensures that both you and the party you are contracting are aware of your rights and responsibilities.
Are employees allowed to take leave during their notice period? Read this article to find out.
A catering agreement template can help you minimise stress and maximise success when contracting with a client to provide your food and hospitality services.
An operational plan can help you strategise and put your business's ideas into practice. Find out how to prepare one in this article.
Get your business off to the best start possible by reading about 10 common mistakes businesses make and how you can avoid them.
What is the difference between a Business Name, Trading Name, and Legal Name? Read this article to find out.
Do you have legal gaps in your business but don’t know what to do? Here are 8 tips to avoid legal risks in your business.
At Lawpath, we know how much legal documents matter for marketing agencies and advertising agencies, so we have decided to put a consolidated list together to help you understand exactly what your business needs!
Upon termination employees are often entitled to different forms of compensation. Here we discuss two of them - redundancy and severance pay.
Libel and slander, though legal terms still commonly used in Australia, don't actually exist in Australian law. Read more about it here.
Knowing about the Australian 2022 tax changes is crucial for your small business. Learn what they are.
Claim the cost of the Legal Plan via the Victorian Government’s Small Business Digital Adaptation Program.
Do you want to know the differences between part-time and casual employment for your small business?
Do you want to know the differences between casual and full-time employment for your small business?
Before your small business gets busy with the year ahead, know what new laws apply to you.
Having an ABN to claim tax deductions is important if you have both personal and business income.
Your ABN is your business's key identifier. But what happens if you misplace it? Read to find out more.
Find out what dropshipping is and whether you need an ABN to get into it in this guide.

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