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Well done on finding a new and exciting position or inspiring career change. Learn about the in's and out's of resignations here.
Wearing a mask is currently mandatory in NSW in most public indoor settings. Find out what to do if a customer is not complying here.
Do you run a business and have had your ABN cancelled? Find out in this article why this occurs and how you can reactivate it.
Learn whether you need an ABN to issue invoices and whether you will need to withhold payment if an ABN is not provided on an invoice.
What are the maximum hours of work in Australia? Can you deny a request to work additional hours? Find out by reading on.
Doing some tradework and not sure if you need a licence? A contractor licence is often a must. Click this article to find out more.
Workplace surveillance is used to protect employees, maintain security and to monitor work activities. Find out your rights and responsibilities in this article.
Want to sell your goods without dealing with customers? Read this article to learn how to make consignment agreements work for you.
When starting a sports club, there are some legal issues you need to consider. Find out the legal requirements for setting up a sports club here.
Do you really need to transfer your sole trader business name if you register a company? Learn what’s required.
Google Analytics has proven to be a beneficial tool for businesses. But users beware: you must do all you can to comply with privacy laws.
Vesting allows you to give shares to employees which accrue over time. Find out why you should invest in vesting in this guide.
It's always a good idea to clarify the terms of a contract before it becomes legally binding. Find out what a Heads of Agreement is here.
What is a Term Sheet and how can it help your business? Although not legally binding, term sheets have many benefits. Find out here.
Considering whether you need an ABN as a Sole Trader? Obtaining one could be an easy way to add value to your business.
Australian companies are required to have a separate bank account for their business's finances. Find out how to open a company bank account here.
Would you like to send your employee to a different department or company to gain work experience? You can through a Secondment Agreement.
Want to hire employees? Read this article to find out the differences between full time and part time employment and what your obligations will be.

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