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Getting a second job whilst on long service leave may be a good way to make some extra money, but is it legal? Find out here.
Is there a difference between OHS vs WHS? Read this article to find out the difference and what these terms mean.
Is your long service leave...portable? If it is, you're at an advantage.
Want to take some extended time off? Read on to find out whether an employer can legally refuse your long service leave request.
Are you aware of employees' rights on a business sale? Read here to find out what they are and how they apply.
A partnership agreement between two companies can help your business achieve its goals and grow your customer base.
Can a sole trader hire employees? Short answer, yes. But as an employer, you have additional obligations to comply with.
A lease is a contractual arrangement between a tenant and a landowner. Find out how a commercial lease vs retail lease affects your business.
Are employees allowed to take leave during their notice period? Read this article to find out.
Are you considering registering a commercial lease? In this article we explain when you’re legally required to.
An operational plan can help you strategise and put your business's ideas into practice. Find out how to prepare one in this article.
Protect your business through powerful website terms and conditions. Learn how to accept payments online today.
Copyright assignment allows you to transfer the rights of you intellectual property. Learn more about how this will affect you.
Want to start your own small business from home? Here are some steps to guide you through starting a business from the comfort of your own home.
Claiming your intellectual property through IP ownership can protect your ideas. It is also capable of being sold though intellectual property assignment thereby making it a valuable asset to have.
An ACN and ABN are both important identifiers for your business, but are used depending on the type of business you have. Read more here.
Not sure if eSignatures is for you? Learn about the benefits of eSignature for your small business in our post.
Whether you’ve just started running your online business or have had your online business for a while, one thing for certain is that you always need to have the most relevant legal documents in place.

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