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Starting a Business

Step by step legal guides on starting a business

Want to alter the terms or parties to your contract? You can do this with a novation of contract. Learn everything there is to know.
Thinking of issuing new shares for your company? Read below to find out the various ways you can do it.
Registering an ABN is one of the first things you need to do when starting your business in Australia.
Have you ever wondered what time in lieu means? This post will cover everything you need to know.
Being a company director is a big responsibility. As a result, there are a few duties all directors in Australia must legally abide by.
If you're selling or buying company shares, your share sale contract is essential. Learn about the ins and outs of share sales here.
With a range of IT policies available, it's hard to decide which ones you truly need. Our latest guide is here to help.
An important new law has emerged for all company directors so it's time to get your legals in check.
Sell your business assets with confidence by reading our ultimate guide to asset sales.
Increasing your employees' pay has a range of benefits for your business. Even the statistics say so.
Want to see the benefits of taking your business online? We've got you covered.
Looking for a property and not sure where to start? You'll need to figure out the type of land zoning that best suits your businesses needs. We are here to help.
Set up your business with the comfort of knowing you are legally complaint with ASIC requirements.
Want to efficiently grow your business but you feel as though you're lacking the resources? Outsourcing may be the answer you've been looking for.
If you’ve heard the terms receivership, administration, bankruptcy and liquidation thrown around but don't know how they actually differ - you’re not alone.
'Fair use' can be an important defence to any intellectual property allegation. Read on to find out how fair use can apply to trademarks.
Want to protect your brand? Read here for what you need to know about how to register a trademark and the protections registration can provide you here.
Settlement offers are often made in legal disputes before trial. Here we'll explain what a Calderbank Offer is and what it could mean if you reject one.

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