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Step by step legal guides on starting a business

An auctioneer business is an exciting opportunity if you are passionate about sales and leading. Find out how to start an auctioneer business.
The Australian Consumer Law provides for a range of unfair business practices that must be avoided, specifically when dealing with customers.
The duty to act in the best interests of the company is one of the most important duties placed on directors and even certain employees.
There are many benefits to having an incorporated business. In this article we explore the concept and process of business incorporation.
Wondering if you should have a garden leave clause in your employment contract? Check out the advantages and disadvantages of garden leave.
We know that permanent employees can bring unfair dismissal claims, but can a casual employee make an unfair dismissal claim? Read more here.
Not sure what business structure is right for you? Read on to discover the advantages and disadvantages of a partnership business structure.
You may have heard of it before, but what is bid rigging? Here we explain the concept of bid rigging, it forms and its impact on competition.
Promotional merchandise for your business can effectively increase brand awareness. Here is a guide to promotional merchandise.
Starting a plant nursery business is a perfect way to pursue your passion for gardening and plants. Find out more about how to get started.
Starting a fishery business is an exciting opportunity for you to pursue you passion for fishing. Find out more about how to start.
The COVID-19 pandemic presents a range of legal issues for businesses. Browse our dedicated resources page for documents, guides and business updates.
Facebook ads are a useful way to reach thousands of potential customers online. Find out about how to use Facebook ads.
Looking to pursue your passion for music and make profit at the same time? Find out the 6 steps on how to start a musical instrument business.
A company's reputation can be severely damaged when caught for deceiving customers. Find out how to avoid misleading or deceptive conduct.
NSW small business grants have been announced after the recent COVID-19 lockdown. Eligible business may receive grants of up to $10,000.
Multiple pricing is not legal under Australian Consumer Law. However, not all forms of multiple pricing will result in civil penalties.
The QR check-in code became mandatory for applicable businesses as of Monday 23 November 2020. Find out whether your business is affected.

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