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How to Start a Mobile Phone Accessories Store

People use mobile phones all the time. However, in addition to mobile phones, there is a market to personalise them. In this article, we will go through how you can start your own mobile phone accessories store.

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1. Choose your business structure

The first thing you should do when you decide to start a business is decide what form it will take. It’s important to understand that your tax and legal obligations will differ significantly depending on what you register as. If you decide to operate as a sole trader, you will need to apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN) and you’ll be taxed on an individual basis. The same generally applies for partnerships. If you want to start your business as a company, you’ll have to register it and your business will be taxed independently.

2. Source your product

Whether you’re designing your own accessories or importing them, it’s hard to run a successful business with no product. Conduct your own research into what sort of accessories for mobile phones are popular. Beyond this, if you’re creating your own designs, you should make sure you have legal protection for them.

3. Decide how your store will operate

When you start a business, you can choose whether your store will operate primarily online or at a physical location. Running an online store means you’ll be able to target and service a wider market, but you’ll also have to establish processes for orders, shipping and delivery. However, opening a retail store in a location close to mobile service providers may also be an effective strategy to target the right market.

4. Market your products

Marketing is integral to running a successful business. To get started, think about the type of customer you want to attract. What will make them more likely to choose your product? What will make them choose your product over those of your competitors? Also consider what methods you want to use to advertise your store. These can be in the form of paid ads, email campaigns and content marketing.


Starting a mobile phone accessories store means you’ll be entering a market with a wide customer base. Despite this, it’s important to ensure that your business complies with all the legal requirements. If you want to start a mobile phone accessories store and you’re not sure what your legal obligations are, it’s worth consulting a business lawyer.

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