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The Advantages of Being a Freelance Lawyer

In a time where even some of the most traditional industries have made the shift towards more flexible working options, it is inevitable that the legal industry goes through these changes as well. As the practise of law is rooted in times where not much technology was present, it is understandable that any changes will be slow. This article discusses the advantages that can come to freelance lawyers and why this change should be embraced.

Choice of Expertise

When working as a freelance lawyer, there is greater choice of which area you may want to practise in. Law firms often allocate staff members to certain areas based on demand whereas freelance lawyers do not have these restrictions. This allows lawyers to experiment and self-develop their skills in other areas that may be of interest to them.


It is important to encourage a healthy work-life balance no matter what your occupation is. Although the same tight deadlines apply for urgent matters, freelance lawyers can choose which cases they take on board. This provides a lot more flexibility in allowing lawyers to increase or decrease their workload depending on their personal situation.


As freelance lawyers are not tied to a location, they can perform their role from the comfort of their home. Taking away the need to rent an office space, purchase technology and furniture, there is a reduction in overhead costs. Services such as WeWork provide working spaces at several locations, and can be useful if there is a need to meet a client in a professional environment. Since there is no cost in maintaining a physical working location, this therefore reduces costs for the client.

Personal Service

Freelance lawyers such as those on the LawPath Marketplace often find themselves building a strong relationship with clients. The individual reviews left on each lawyer’s profile allows clients to choose someone who will best suit their needs. This interaction between the lawyer and client (as opposed to between a law firm and client) fosters trust and a personal connection, resulting in a better experience for the client.

In summary, there are many advantages experienced by freelance lawyers. Platforms such as LawPath provide a simple way for lawyers to start freelancing on the legal marketplace, and its popularity shows us the track the legal industry is heading in.

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