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Settlement offers are often made in legal disputes before trial. Here we'll explain what a Calderbank Offer is and what it could mean if you reject one.
Ever wondered 'is this modern award part of my employment contract?' Well, wonder no more. Read more on the impact of modern awards below.
You must provide valid notice if you wish to resign or terminate an employee. In this article we explore the requirements for valid notice.
We all love a humorous parody. But is parody advertising a legal act? Our article outlines what laws you must be cautious of and more.
Running a business often isn't easy. Here's some things Directors should keep in mind when things aren't going as well as planned.
Maintaining confidentiality in the workplace is important. Read on to learn how to protect your businesses confidential information.
Understanding your employee entitlements during liquidation can be important to ensure you are protected during this process. Read more here.
Determining whether casual employees get annual leave entitlements has been a long debated issue. Read about the new and settled law here.
Australian Court makes landmark decision that AI systems can be inventors for the purposes of the Patents Act 1990 (Cth). Read more here.
Testimonials boost the credibility of companies' products and services. Let's find out what to avoid when using advertising testimonials.
Price matching prevents businesses from losing customers simply due to the product price. Find out what to include in your price match policy.
You've heard of trademarks, but what is a composite trademark? Hint hint: you already know the popular ones! Read on and find out.
You may have heard of it before, but what is bid rigging? Here we explain the concept of bid rigging, it forms and its impact on competition.
Promotional merchandise for your business can effectively increase brand awareness. Here is a guide to promotional merchandise.
Starting a plant nursery business is a perfect way to pursue your passion for gardening and plants. Find out more about how to get started.
Starting a fishery business is an exciting opportunity for you to pursue you passion for fishing. Find out more about how to start.
Have you entered a contract and realised something was not quite right? You may be able to obtain an avoidance order and end the contract.
Has someone illegally used your trademark? Not sure what the difference is between passing off vs trademark infringement? Find out more here.

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