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Do you run a cafe, restaurant, or food processing plant in NSW? Read about the Food Act 2003 (NSW) and how to comply here.
The Right to Repair doesn't exist in Australia, but there are consumer guarantees that entitle consumers to repair faulty goods.
The terms lawyer and attorney are often used interchangeably, however their meanings differ in Australia and the United States.
Your enterprise agreement may form part of your employment contract. However, this depends on a range of factors. See more here.
The short answer is 'yes'. Unless implied duties are expressly excluded by the employer, a range of implied duties may apply. Read more here.
What is a prohibitory injunction? How does it works? What do the courts look at in deciding to grant one?
Starting a business isn't always smooth sailing. Find out the mistakes early-stage businesses make and how you can avoid them.
It can be confusing to understand the difference between voidable and unenforceable contracts when the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Learn the distinction in this guide.
We're proud to celebrate the more than 200,000 Australians who have used Lawpath for their legal needs. Read about our journey so far.
The 2022 Financial Year is soon to start, but there are important things you should clear with a lawyer first. Find out more here.
A divisional trademark application is something that is filed to divide your original patent application. Find out what it is and how to file one here.
A mandatory injunction is a type of remedy afforded by the Courts. Find out more about mandatory injunctions in this article.
Purchased an expensive product and want to know if you're covered if it stops working? Read about consumer guarantees and what you're entitled to here.
An application for the removal of a trademark can be made on the grounds of non-use. Find out how to oppose a removal application here.
Country of origin statements are one of the requirement for food packaging in Australia. Click here to find out what the requirements are.
Typosquatting is a type of cyber attack that purposely misspells website domains to lure and steal people's personal information and data.
It is important to understand how to enforce copyright online to prevent large scale infringements. Read this guide to find out your options.
Rather than be paid overtime, employees can sometimes receive Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) for extra hours worked. Find out what this means here.

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