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Understanding your legal rights regarding patent infringement is an important tool to enforce your patents protection. Read more here.
NSW small business grants have been announced after the recent COVID-19 lockdown. Eligible business may receive grants of up to $10,000.
Multiple pricing is not legal under Australian Consumer Law. However, not all forms of multiple pricing will result in civil penalties.
JobKeeper subsidy assisted businesses who were negatively affected by COVID-19. Find out whether your business should repay JobKeeper.
The QR check-in code became mandatory for applicable businesses as of Monday 23 November 2020. Find out whether your business is affected.
NFTs are receiving a lot of attention recently as the new craze of the art world. But what exactly are they?
As we edge closer towards living in a completely cashless society, legal questions regarding privacy abound. Find out more here.
eSignatures are a modern method of signing legal documents online. Find out how to protect your eSignature here.
Electronic service is becoming increasingly popular. There are a few ways in which court documents can be served electronically.
Yes, you can. However, the lost opportunity must arise from a contractual breach, misleading and deceptive conduct or negligence. See more.
Company derivative action is a useful tool for shareholders to protect company interests when a director has engaged in wrongful conduct.
From 1 July 2021, rules around superannuation, tax and medicare are set to change. Read more about these changes here.
Superannuation is set to change from 1 July 2021 - find out about the changes and how to ensure your business is compliant here.
Yes, you can sue for disappointment. The High Court has recently expanded the categories that a claim for disappointment may arise in.
Breaching Australian Consumer Law can result in criminal offences. However, only severely serious conduct will amount to a criminal offence.
The ATO have decided that bitcoin is not a foreign currency. Read on to find out more about bitcoins impact on income taxation laws.
The Internet of Toys refers to internet-powered children's toys. Find out about the legal risks to privacy, safety and data protection here.
Generally, silence is not acceptable. However, there are a few exceptions that apply to this rule. Read on to find out more.

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